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Lovely Lips

Flaky dry lips are never fun. Especially when you’ve got a date or an event to show off at! Need a few tips to get that kisser looking shiny and soft? Well look no further.

Get lips smooth and soft by rubbing all the dry bits off with a warm CLEAN washcloth before you go to bed. Follow with a coat of hydrating lip balm ( Id suggest EOS. The strawberry is my all time favorite).

Ease into the evening by applying a darker or redder color over your daytime lipstick and blend away!

Your lipstick rubbing off and losing its color and shine throughout the day? To make it last longer, let the color sit for a few minutes after applying, blot with a tissue, dust with a powder, and apply one more coat.

Cheeks feeling flushed? Put on a bold color lipstick, neutral tones will only make pink cheeks stand out.

For an easy to apply lipliner, warm it up first by pinching it between clean fingers for a few seconds. After that, it should glide on easily.

Your lipstick bleeding? Pat a thin layer of concealer around your lips to keep that color where it belongs.

Smile when you put on your lipstick or gloss, its the best way to ensure full coverage, corners included!

Need soft lips? Combine honey, sugar, and a dab of Vaseleine and rub on your lips to exfoliate and clean off those flaky dry bits. Theres a plus to this one! Its edible and it even tastes good! 😉


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