An Acne Time Machine

It seems like so long ago since i had the perfect skin of a seven year old. Ahhhh to remember that flawless look. If there was anything i could tell myself before that first dreaded zit, heres what it would be.


  • Bacteria is not the only cause of acne! Alot of it, has to do with oils. Bacteria cant survive without the oils on our skin. If you have a choice between anti-bacterial, and something to help clear your pores of the oil, go with the oil helper! You get rid of the oil, you get rid of the majority of the bacteria and you might even get rid of some acne!
  • Dont be afraid to break out! I remember when i first got acne, i’d try out a new product. In most cases, a few days later, i was breaking out. I always freaked, and threw it away stating simply “it doesn’t work.” Long story short, your skin needs to purge. Click here to see why some breakouts are a good sign!
  • Just because you dont have acne, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your face. Not only could i have cleaned off the makeup, or dirt, or whatever else i managed to get on myself that day, but i might have been able to partially prevent any future acne.
  • You are what you eat. Though not everyones bodys and skin acts the same, i know when i eat high fatty or oily or sugary foods, not only do i feel gross, but so does my skin.
  • Even non-comidogenic makeup can cause acne! I thought i was so smart, buying non-comidogenic makeup, thinking i could leave it on for as long as i wanted and still be acne free! Fact is, our skin needs to breathe, and no matter what kind of makeup you wear, it clogs our pores.
  • Dont fuss when mom slathers that sticky sunscreen on you! This ones just a given… you’ll protect yourself from dark spots and discoloration but also from harmful uv rays.

ImageSo guys, if you could go back in time and talk to a younger you, what would you tell him or her? It doesn’t need to be about acne but what would you want to make sure you knew? Leave it in the comments below, i love hearing from you all ❤ ciao for now!!


Lets move!

Now i know the election is still fresh in our minds, and i dont want to start a fight or bring up any touchy subjects so im going to start out by saying that this is not meant to be offensive in the slightest. I just wanted to talk a little bit about someone who is making a HUGE difference in alot of childrens lives. Helping them to become healthy, fit, and happy. Michelle Obama, current first lady of the United States is has used her easy publicity to let her voice be heard and to make a change. .Her campaign, Let’s Move!,  is dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. She helps to put kids on the track to a healthy future from the begining. If you need statistics, info, or even tips to get heathy, one of the most reliable sources you can find, is the first lady’s official website campaign, Most first ladys are just that, the presidents wife, but I admire the way Michelle is using her power to make a difference.   


Hello lovlies, recently ive been looking for other other blogs that have the same kindof underlying theme. Ive found a few amazing ones that i thought id share.

I know the url may not sound like a beauty blog but trust me it is. This blogger really knows her stuff! She gives great tips, fun ideas, and easy fixes to our everyday beauty problems. Her posts are not only informative but helpful too! i can go to her blog in the morning and fine something fun to do or try that night when i get home. Give her a look!

Another blog i found that i love is going to be a bit of a recap. Diamondsandheels14 is one of my all-time favorite youtubers and guess what everyone! Thats right, she has a blog. I was absolutely thrilled when i found out and i swear she is one of the best beauty gurus of all time. Not only is she knowledgable about beauty, she knows the science behind. Shes funny, spontaneous, and just like any other girl out there deep down and she makes sure we all know that. Give her a chance everyone. You wont be dissapointed!