Hello lovlies, recently ive been looking for other other blogs that have the same kindof underlying theme. Ive found a few amazing ones that i thought id share.


I know the url may not sound like a beauty blog but trust me it is. This blogger really knows her stuff! She gives great tips, fun ideas, and easy fixes to our everyday beauty problems. Her posts are not only informative but helpful too! i can go to her blog in the morning and fine something fun to do or try that night when i get home. Give her a look!

Another blog i found that i love is going to be a bit of a recap. Diamondsandheels14 is one of my all-time favorite youtubers and guess what everyone! Thats right, she has a blog. I was absolutely thrilled when i found out and i swear she is one of the best beauty gurus of all time. Not only is she knowledgable about beauty, she knows the science behind. Shes funny, spontaneous, and just like any other girl out there deep down and she makes sure we all know that. Give her a chance everyone. You wont be dissapointed!