Exercise for Those Who Hate It! Get Active Everyday!

Constantly busy. No time. Too much homework. Your favorite show is on. Don’t worry, I’ve used the same excuses and i feel your pain. I hate to exercise just as much as the next person. Need some sneaky tips on easy exercises you can do every day? Look no further!

1. Take the stairs. I know people always say take the stairs take the stairs but hey! its adequate advice. From now on make it a point to park on the bottom level of the parking garage and walk to the top instead of taking the elevator. Make it a point to walk up and down those cozy stairs in your house five times ever morning. its great for the legs, glutes, and if you do it enough it can be great cardio!

2. Hanging with friends? Get active! Whenever i make a date with my friends we go see a movie, or go to lunch. Why don’t you do something active! Take a hike! Go rollerblading! Take a trip to the local ice-rink! Plus, exercising with friends if better then doing it alone.  Make a point of getting active and having fun. Think outside of the box.

3. Pace. Are you constantly on the phone like me? Well a sneaky way to get some easy exercise is to pace when your on the phone. Instead of sitting on the couch painting your toesies, stand up and zone out. walk in circles. walk from one end of the house to the other. it seems silly but its easy and you barely know your doing it.

There are lots of other sneaky tips about exercise and i just want to give creds to my absolute favorite you-tuber Cassandra Bankson. 🙂 These are her tips and i just thought id share them with you. If you want to see the rest of them and a little elaboration look for her channel, and a link to the video below. Subscribe to her! Shes amazing and absolutely posotutely hilarious! You wont be dissapointed.