Yup! its that time of the year again. Time to stuff your face full of candy, and get scared by ghouls and witches and goblins alike! But that’s not all… Its time to dress up crazy and get wild! I’m a black cat this year. Yea yea guys i know, its simple and easy but hey, who doesn’t love kitties! The makeup opportunities for this are endless and cat-eye liner is a must. Never quite able to get that perfect wing? Here’s a video to help you out by my all time favorite beauty guru, Cassandra Bankson! Though this isn’t your everyday type of wing, and this is a bit advanced for a beginner, its still a super cute makeup idea for anyone with who wants to embrace her inner “catwoman” this year 🙂 Go ahead and comment your costume ideas and what you want to be! I’d love to hear from you all. ❤