Lets move!

Now i know the election is still fresh in our minds, and i dont want to start a fight or bring up any touchy subjects so im going to start out by saying that this is not meant to be offensive in the slightest. I just wanted to talk a little bit about someone who is making a HUGE difference in alot of childrens lives. Helping them to become healthy, fit, and happy. Michelle Obama, current first lady of the United States is has used her easy publicity to let her voice be heard and to make a change. .Her campaign, Let’s Move!,  is dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. She helps to put kids on the track to a healthy future from the begining. If you need statistics, info, or even tips to get heathy, one of the most reliable sources you can find, is the first lady’s official website campaign,  http://www.letsmove.gov/. Most first ladys are just that, the presidents wife, but I admire the way Michelle is using her power to make a difference.   


Papaya; wonderfruit!

Is your acne getting bad? Got endlessly oily skin and makeup clogged pores? Well there are dozens of things you can do to help but this facial and rub, is one of my absolute favorites.

Papaya is full of alpha hydroxy acids and enzymes like papain that break down dead skin cells when used on skin. Regular use of the fresh fruit on your face often leads to a more even tone, better texture, smoother appearance, and even reduction in fine lines and wrinkles! Papaya facial treatments are also useful for treating acne, minor scarring, sunburn and age spots and if used over time, can lead to a slight skin lightening. This is something to be aware of if you’re working on your tan, but is generally seen as a good thing, it will even leave your skin glowing. Papaya peel actually contains even more papain enzymes than the fruit so if you want a more effective treatment you can use the pal rub below. If you have very sensitive skin it may be best to first try the facial without the papaya peel and then add a quarter or half of the peel in the future to see how it affects your face. Unripe papaya contains more papain than the ripe fruit so for a stronger facial treatment you could use a papaya that is still green, but you wouldn’t get the benefit of eating the tasty fruit! Personally, I don’t want to miss out the joy of eating papaya, and ones that are just ripening contain more antioxidants than green papaya so it creates a good balance. My skin seems to think so.

Well thats about enough background on Papayas! Lets get to it!