An Acne Time Machine

It seems like so long ago since i had the perfect skin of a seven year old. Ahhhh to remember that flawless look. If there was anything i could tell myself before that first dreaded zit, heres what it would be.


  • Bacteria is not the only cause of acne! Alot of it, has to do with oils. Bacteria cant survive without the oils on our skin. If you have a choice between anti-bacterial, and something to help clear your pores of the oil, go with the oil helper! You get rid of the oil, you get rid of the majority of the bacteria and you might even get rid of some acne!
  • Dont be afraid to break out! I remember when i first got acne, i’d try out a new product. In most cases, a few days later, i was breaking out. I always freaked, and threw it away stating simply “it doesn’t work.” Long story short, your skin needs to purge. Click here to see why some breakouts are a good sign!
  • Just because you dont have acne, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your face. Not only could i have cleaned off the makeup, or dirt, or whatever else i managed to get on myself that day, but i might have been able to partially prevent any future acne.
  • You are what you eat. Though not everyones bodys and skin acts the same, i know when i eat high fatty or oily or sugary foods, not only do i feel gross, but so does my skin.
  • Even non-comidogenic makeup can cause acne! I thought i was so smart, buying non-comidogenic makeup, thinking i could leave it on for as long as i wanted and still be acne free! Fact is, our skin needs to breathe, and no matter what kind of makeup you wear, it clogs our pores.
  • Dont fuss when mom slathers that sticky sunscreen on you! This ones just a given… you’ll protect yourself from dark spots and discoloration but also from harmful uv rays.

ImageSo guys, if you could go back in time and talk to a younger you, what would you tell him or her? It doesn’t need to be about acne but what would you want to make sure you knew? Leave it in the comments below, i love hearing from you all ❤ ciao for now!!



Yup! its that time of the year again. Time to stuff your face full of candy, and get scared by ghouls and witches and goblins alike! But that’s not all… Its time to dress up crazy and get wild! I’m a black cat this year. Yea yea guys i know, its simple and easy but hey, who doesn’t love kitties! The makeup opportunities for this are endless and cat-eye liner is a must. Never quite able to get that perfect wing? Here’s a video to help you out by my all time favorite beauty guru, Cassandra Bankson! Though this isn’t your everyday type of wing, and this is a bit advanced for a beginner, its still a super cute makeup idea for anyone with who wants to embrace her inner “catwoman” this year 🙂 Go ahead and comment your costume ideas and what you want to be! I’d love to hear from you all. ❤

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pocket Studio By New Media Plus & Beautylish by Beautylish Inc.

So guys, i know i haven’t done this before, but lately Ive been using this really fun app i thought i would share with you! The description from I-Tunes is as follows…

Get the inside scoop from MAKE UP FOR EVER artists on how to create eye-catching make up looks for every occasion. This series of easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials will help you choose your favorite make up look and learn how to apply it like a pro.

The app is super fun and informative but unfortunately the software is experiencing some problems and occasionally the app either wont open, or crashes immediately. Also the videos sadly aren’t working 😦 ill keep you guys up to speed on when the update comes out to hopefully fix all these bugs!

Another super fun app I’ve been into is Beautylish, which gives tutorials etc, on hair, makeup, nails you name it! The description from I-Tunes is as follows…

Get makeup and beauty tips on the go from Beautylish, the popular online destination for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.

Unfortunately this as well is having some technical problems 😦 boo hoo all my fav. beauty apps are broken! oh well, ill keep you guys posted on any updates for this one as well.  They might not be working great but i still encourage you to check em out, and if you guys know of any fun apps you think id enjoy be sure to comment! Don’t be afraid to talk to me guys, i don’t bite! Ciao for now lovelies ❤

6 Things You Can do RIGHT NOW to Help Your Acne

1. DRINK WATER! i know it might not seem like much but trust me. Water helps. It doesn’t just help, your acne, it helps to give an all over glow. Water works magic for your skin and its just good for you in general.

2. GO WASH YOUR FACE. Yea im talking to you. right now! And rinse it in cold water. i know, its a common tip but trust me, the more you wash, the cleaner you get, and the cold water will help to close your pores, making your skin appear smoother and flawless. Try at least once a day.

3. EXFOLIATE. Exfoliation really does wonders. While facewash can only get so deep in your skin, exfoliators really help to open your pores and flush out all the impurities hiding inside your skin.

4. GO MAKE A FACE MASK.  Yes go make a face mask. A natural one at that. You dont even need to use it right now just go whip one up and put it in the fridge. By having one handy and made, youll be more motivated to use it in the nearby future. theyre easy and fun to use, especially if you have friends around to do it with you.

5. TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP WHEN YOU DONT NEED IT ON. are you sitting at home right now? bored off your rocker with makeup on? Go get out that oil free makeup remover and clean it all off. Yes all of it. Makeup clogs your pores, its a simple fact. The more clogged your pores get, the more impurities your makeup is holding in. If you really dont need the makeup on, get rid of it.

6. CHANGE YOUR PILLOW CASES. yea i know it sounds cheesy but think about it. if your sleeping on the same pillow everynight, all the face oils and impurities from your face, are rubbing off onto your pillow which you are then pushing your cheek against for a good 8 hours. every night you repeat this process, basically basking your face in past filth. And don’t even get me started on all the hair products your pillows implore! Just go change it. Yes now.

I know its not the easiest thing to deal with, acne, and these tips are just simple ideas, They wont rid you of your acne completely but they will help your skin to become healthier, and in the long run, will help to clear up your skin. Alright alright, i know i’m being a bit of a hypocrite, and i rarely practice what i preach but i know i should and so should you! Sometimes its the littlest things that make the biggest difference

Eyeshadows to Make Blue Eyes Pop!

If you, like me, have blue eyes and you don’t know what to do with them, fear not! blue eyes are one of the most coveted colors in the world, and its easy to make them stand out. Though theres many things you can try, this post will be all about the eyeshadow colors that will help you make the best of your baby blues.


Now i know what your thinking, orange? Never will i ever wear anything that bright on my eyelids, it so unflattering! There you would be wrong. Orange hues are some of the best to bring out the blue in your eyes. Orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel which will really make them stand out. But don’t worry, you don’t need to use neon oranges to help those babies pop, try something softer like: Peach, Coral, Copper, Bronze, Rust, and Gold


Yea, this ones pretty much a given. Have you ever worn a blue shirt and got compliments on your eyes? This works pretty much the same way. Try some ocean hues like: Pale to medium blue, Pale pink shades, Violet, Purple, Deep or midnight blue, and Turquoise

Neutral Tones

Blue eyes don’t always need something bright to make them pop, sometimes even just something soft and light and really bring out those jewels. Try: White shadow, Grey shades, Khaki colored shadow, Chocolate brown, and Camel shadow