MAKE UP FOR EVER Pocket Studio By New Media Plus & Beautylish by Beautylish Inc.

So guys, i know i haven’t done this before, but lately Ive been using this really fun app i thought i would share with you! The description from I-Tunes is as follows…

Get the inside scoop from MAKE UP FOR EVER artists on how to create eye-catching make up looks for every occasion. This series of easy to follow, step-by-step tutorials will help you choose your favorite make up look and learn how to apply it like a pro.

The app is super fun and informative but unfortunately the software is experiencing some problems and occasionally the app either wont open, or crashes immediately. Also the videos sadly aren’t working 😦 ill keep you guys up to speed on when the update comes out to hopefully fix all these bugs!

Another super fun app I’ve been into is Beautylish, which gives tutorials etc, on hair, makeup, nails you name it! The description from I-Tunes is as follows…

Get makeup and beauty tips on the go from Beautylish, the popular online destination for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.

Unfortunately this as well is having some technical problems 😦 boo hoo all my fav. beauty apps are broken! oh well, ill keep you guys posted on any updates for this one as well.  They might not be working great but i still encourage you to check em out, and if you guys know of any fun apps you think id enjoy be sure to comment! Don’t be afraid to talk to me guys, i don’t bite! Ciao for now lovelies ❤